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Since 1981, Canada's Wonderland has been the premier destination in Ontario for thrills, family fun, and world-class entertainment. Bring the adventure along - get your favorite Squishmallow, Leviathan Sweatshirt, or Behemoth Mug (the thrills are free!).
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Leviathan freezer mug

On this record-breaking giga coaster, riders will ascend a heart-pounding 306 feet to make their way to the highest peak in the park, where they’ll be face-to-face with a steep 80 degree drop. Before they know it, they’ll be racing down the track at incredible speeds reaching up to 148 kilometers an hour – fun fact: that’s faster than most trains travel in Canada! This double wall freezer mug features the Levithan eyes, logo, and stats, and keeps your drinks frosty.